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    • Construction begins on Groves Memorial hospital August 18, 2017
      ABOYNE, ONT. — Construction is officially underway at a new, state-of-the-art hospital in Wellington County.
    • Government gives OK, but companies must actually build pipelines: minister August 18, 2017
      OTTAWA — Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr defended his government’s ability to get major resource projects moving, saying the government has approved a number of proposals and it’s up to their proponents to get them built.
    • Darlington refurbishment on track, on budget, OPG reports August 18, 2017
      TORONTO — Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG) offered construction updates on several major power projects recently as part of its second quarter financial results statement.
    • Trump signs order to speed up infrastructure construction August 18, 2017
      WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said Aug. 15 he has signed a new executive order intended to increase the efficiency of the federal permitting process for construction of transportation, water and other infrastructure projects without harming the environment.
    • Bentway phase one taking shape under Gardiner August 18, 2017
      Early works on the $23.5-million Bentway public space project under the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto are well underway with project managers predicting Torontonians will be gliding along a new skating trail and taking in cultural events at new outdoor performance spaces by the end of the year.
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    • A New Online HVAC Calculator Is Available August 18, 2017
      Subtitle:  Elite Software says its software works on smartphones, tablets, and internet-connected computers Images:  A software company specializing in products for builders has released an online program that performs three important calculations used in the design of HVAC(Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). Collectively, the mechanical systems that heat, ventilate, and cool a building. systems: Manual […]
      Scott Gibson
    • Hearings Open on Solar Panel Trade Case August 16, 2017
      Subtitle:  Opponents warn that new tariffs on imported solar technology could put thousands of American jobs at risk and double the cost of PV modules Images:  The U.S. International Trade Commission opened hearings in Washington on Tuesday that could result in higher prices for imported solar technology and, according to a solar trade association, cost […]
      Scott Gibson
    • Ontario Plans Building Code Revisions August 9, 2017
      Subtitle:  Proposed changes support government efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency Images:  Revisions planned for the Ontario Building Code will increase energy efficiency in new homes, close existing efficiency loopholes for high-rise buildings, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. read more
      Scott Gibson
    • Hack Turns Amazon Echo Into a Wiretap August 7, 2017
      Subtitle:  Researcher shows older models of the wi-fi device can stream audio to a distant server without the owner's knowledge Images:  A British security researcher has demonstrated how the Amazon Echo, a wi-fi connected smart speaker, can be turned into a surveillance tool without the owner's knowledge. read more
      Scott Gibson
    • Making Buildings With Plywood Frames August 3, 2017
      Subtitle:  A team from Clemson University develops a method of assembling buildings with interlocking plywood components held together with metal zip ties Images:  Students and faculty at Clemson University's School of Architecture are developing a framing technique that will allow buildings to be assembled rapidly from pre-cut plywood components with a minimum of tooling and […]
      Scott Gibson
    • Florida City Will Require Solar Panels July 31, 2017
      Subtitle:  South Miami becomes the first community in the Sunshine State to mandate solar panels in new construction Images:  Beginning in mid-September, South Miami, Florida, becomes the first city in the state and the first outside California to require solar panels in new residential construction. read more
      Scott Gibson
    • Developers Replace Golf Courses with Hiking Trails July 27, 2017
      Subtitle:  Owning a house on a golf course is not as alluring as it used to be as interest in the links wanes Images:  The days of golf-course communities may be numbered, with developers finding home buyers are more interested in hiking trails and shared gardens than they are in living right next door to […]
      Scott Gibson
    • Fire Tests for Cross-Laminated Timber July 27, 2017
      Subtitle:  A government research facility tries to burn test apartments and finds the timber assemblies resist the spread of flames Images:  Tests at a federal laboratory suggest that cross-laminated timber (CLT) components used in a multi-story apartment building would perform well in the event of a fire. read more
      Scott Gibson
    • Startup Cites Gains in Ground-Source Heat Pump Design July 20, 2017
      Subtitle:  Dandelion says it has developed new drilling technology that keeps disruptions to property at a minimum Images:  A tech startup that began as a "moonshot" project at Google X has raised $2 million in seed money as it promotes a more affordable type of ground-source heat pumpHome heating and cooling system that relies on […]
      Scott Gibson
    • When High-Performance Homes Don’t Sell July 19, 2017
      Subtitle:  Despite the advantages, cutting edge housing doesn't always excite potential buyers Images:  Five years ago, Brackett Estates was a net-zero community in Wells, Maine, that existed mostly inside the head of builder Jesse Ware. He and his business partners had a single house, a two-story modular packed with insulation and powered by rooftop solar […]
      Scott Gibson