Lighting Solutions is a complete service provider for supply, design and install of lighting, sensors and hazardous waste management. We provide our clients with risk free solutions to minimize the impact of increasing energy & maintenance costs through professional and client oriented services.

Our solutions-based approach considers the big picture: required light level, cash savings, automation, occupancy control, initial cost, government incentives, long-term operation, return on investment and proper disposal of bulbs, ballasts and fixtures.


Lighting Solutions is a family-owned and operated company with over 35 years of experience in the lighting industry.

Lighting Solutions is a second generation company developed through collaboration with its parent organization, Atlas Lighting & Sales Ltd. founded by Bryan Colligan in 1977.

Atlas Lighting and Sales Ltd. strived to provide quality products and excellent service to its customers in the industrial and commercial sector. Atlas Lighting and Sales Ltd. drew from a broad base of manufacturers and suppliers in the lighting and electrical products field to provide the best products at the best price for its local and national accounts.

With increasing demand for energy efficient lighting options and complete installation, Lighting Solutions was created as a partner organization with Atlas Lighting in 2006 by its founder’s son, Michael Colligan.

Today, Lighting Solutions provides a range of solutions to lighting concerns to its clients through its four divisions, Lighting Solutions Supply, Lighting Solutions Audits and Energy Saving Upgrades, Lighting Solutions Continuing Service and Lighting Solutions Full Circle Mercury Waste Diversion.