It’s a buyers’ market, and here are the four things that today’s buyers are looking for:

Modest floor plans

So long, McMansions! Surveys show that Americans are considering smaller homes.

Organization and comfort

A National Association of Builders survey identified the top 10 amenities buyers are looking for in new home construction:

– Programmable thermostat
– Great room
– Insulated front door
– Low-E windows
– Linen closet
– Walk-in closet in the master bedroom
– Separate shower and tub in the master bedroom
– Energy-efficient appliances and lighting
– 9-foot-plus ceilings on the first floor
– Laundry room

Smaller price tags

Today, more buyers seek homes that cost less than $200,000

Improved energy efficiency

Homebuyers want to create a smaller footprint and save on energy bills. They want homes with greener features like: an energy-efficient heating and A/C system, Energy Star appliances, an efficient design, more natural light, extra insulation in the attic, other insulation, such as panels or foam.

Green homes made up 17 per cent of the overall residential construction market in 2011 in the U.S. By 2016 experts predict that number could climb to 38 per cent.

image 1: Pexels